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We Have a Content Team... Why Do We Need a Content Repurposing Service?

It goes without saying that, if you run a B2B and B2C enterprise, non-profit, business, you have a virtual assistant or a content marketing department in place. After all, content marketing is the backbone of any business looking to be found by potential customers in 2023.

Every day, this department is set to work. They plan fresh webinars, edit your newest Tiktok or Youtube videos, and craft the next hot newsletter for the business. Suffice it to say, they are busy doing their jobs and excelling at them. 

But, that also means they often do not have time to expend extra energy investigating how previous content can be used. And that is where a repurposing service, working alongside the team, can be a tremendous asset.

What is content repurposing? In short, it is sifting through your old content and devising new ways to use it. The end goal of this process is to:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Reinforce your message
  • Improve organic visibility
  • Get the most reach out of each piece of content


In a perfect world, the internal marketing team pushes forward, planning overarching content strategies and campaigns, while the content repurposing service team does the heavy-lifting of content creation behind the scenes. They find previously used content that can be reused and refreshed—while maximizing reach.

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In this article, we will share three concrete ways a content repurposing service can help your marketing team prosper, amplify efforts, and ultimately, pull in a greater ROI on the content you have already invested in.

FIFO for the Oldest Content

It’s time to seriously consider the fact that the blogs your team wrote, even just a few years ago, are most likely in need of a refresher. 

As time goes on, information changes and some of those well-researched podcasts could now require an update for accuracy. Or, maybe a previous blog was chock-full of great content but its overall structure affected its readability in the modern mobile-first world—resulting in poor engagement. Not to mention, an article refresh is excellent for SEO.

The reasons are endless, but the result is the same. There is content sitting idle, collecting dust, that your team worked hard to create, and you invested income into.

The truth to the matter is that content still holds value to you. And whether your decision is to perform a complete overhaul of your content, and turn older posts or webinar videos into:


It can generate more income by being repurposed than it can in a backlogged folder on someone’s desktop.

Give Your Content Team a Boost (Or a Break)

When you start to ask yourself how to repurpose your content, you must first consider its lifespan. Just how long does a blog or Facebook post have, before it becomes irrelevant to the eyes of your audience?

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The truth is, the moment a blog, video, or social media post goes live, it starts to age like milk. Here’s a quick look at the 2022 average lifespan of various social media posts:

  • TikTok – Instant Decay
  • Twitter – 15-18 minutes
  • Facebook – 6 hours
  • LinkedIn – 24 hours
  • Instagram – 48 hours
  • YouTube – About 20 days

For your hard-working content marketing team, that is a short turnaround on most of the content they sweat to produce. Therefore having a content repurposing service working alongside them, to enhance their efforts, is so vital. 

This allows the marketing team to go after creative, extensive, and highly specialized content marketing efforts. Meanwhile, the repurposing team is performing the heavy lifting, enhancing their content strategies with renewed blogs and social media posts.

Discovering New Ideas for Repurposing—That You May Not Have Considered

Let’s face it, a content repurposing service has an extra edge when it comes to content repurposing ideas. By creating a content calendar that begins with strategic repurposing in mind, time, money, and effort are saved. The largest content is created first, and smaller bits are sprinkled across all the places your audience hangs out.

Repurposing services have a unique advantage as they often with evergreen content. This is content that continually stays fresh and relevant as it is used—the opposite of trending topics.

Also, a content repurposing professional can point out fresh angles and creative ideas for repurposing one type of content. And they can do so in multiple ways. They are able to pull a file of old content and strategically turn it into a library of blog content, social media posts, and more. All the while, the internal marketing team is figuring out what is currently trending and orchestrating larger marketing efforts.

A person on the outside of the company is always gold; helping you gain a new perspective on a problem you have been struggling with. They can assist the development team with fresh content pointers where they had previously been stuck and struggling to keep up with posting best practices.

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Final Thoughts on Why a Content Repurposing Service May Be Your Content Team’s New Best Friend

Imagine what your virtual assistants or content marketers could do if the heavy lifting of content creation was eliminated! What industry research could they perform? What nurture sequences could they write? What marketing strategies could they plan? You name it! 

A content repurposing service is there to free your team up to make those big, bold moves. 

Content repurposing will extend your audience and improve traffic, all the while, supporting your main development team from the sidelines through fresh eyes, new ideas, and efficient content creation.

The team at Navigation are professionals trained to build you a strategic quarterly repurposing plan to deliver fresh content systematically and efficiently. Visit and find out what you could outsource.