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Game Plan Session (GPS)

Your done-with-you content calendar service.

Does this sound familiar?

I post content every now and then, but...

The reality is, I'm running out of fresh ideas, and consistency is not exactly my strong point in this department.

Content marketing is SO. TIME. CONSUMING.

I do my best to stick to the content planner, but... ugh, marketing overwhelm! I need a better plan to post on all of my platforms.

I repurpose my content already... kinda.

So maybe I'm just copying and pasting a podcast transcription onto a blog page. I need better blogs to reach more people.

I have great communication with my content team, however...

I feel like I'm married to my Asana and Slack apps. Content creation can feel like a waste of my valuable time when I should be in my own zone of genius.

I have no trouble finding potential clients, but...

As far as converting them— that's where I'm kinda "winging it". I need to organize my content plan so I direct them to the right places on my website.

So... your stress level is about here?

Time for a plan.

In your 90-minute Game Plan Session, you will get...

  •  A 30-minute discovery call to ask all of your questions before you sign up.
  • Communication before your session in the form of a detail-nailing questionnaire with fields for uploads and links.
  • The 90-minute Zoom call where we create the framework of your quarterly content plan.
  • An video recording of our call.
  • A customized framework within your quarterly content plan spreadsheet, ready for you to complete the details quarter after quarter.
  • Complete access to us via email for one week after your session.

Your investment: $399

If you're ready, we're ready.
Grab a discovery call... let's do this!