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Game Plan Session (GPS)

90-day content calendar... planned in 90 minutes... packaged and ready to hand to your team.

Why is content marketing SO HARD?

Creators Need Direction

It's hard to consistently give a VA or content creators posting instructions.

Content Takes Time

Owners don't have time to create posts regularly.

Repurposing Needs a Plan

There may be a lot of content sitting around... now what?

Owners Should Delegate

A CEO should stay in their own zone of genius.

Content Should Convert

Every piece of content should have a purpose and move the audience closer to becoming customers.

Ready to create 90 day's worth of instructions for your creators in 90 minutes?

Marketing overwhelm can make you feel like this...

Time for a plan.

In your 90-minute Game Plan Session (GPS), you will get...

  • A 30-minute, obligation-free discovery call.
  • Your 90-minute Zoom call where we create your quarterly content plan.
  • A video recording of the call.
  • A customized spreadsheet containing the quarterly framework.
  • Revision requests for one week; communication lines open indefinitely. 
  • Bonus materials to help your team level-up.

Your investment: $699

If you're ready, we're ready.
Grab a discovery call... let's do this!