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Liz Pipitone

founder and Content Repurposing Strategist

Liz created Navigation as a virtual assistance company. She did all the things—blogs, social media, tech, and more. She experienced how much WASTED time, money, and effort was baked into creating content from start to finish in silos. Upon discovering content repurposing—the key to minimizing work and maximizing yield—she made it her mission to help businesses take back control of their content marketing.

Dave Pipitone


Dave is a dad of three with a teaching degree in music education. Although he never entered the music field, music is still a major part of his life. In Navigation, he manages the backend of the company, writes content, and is a master at keeping the coffee maker running!

graphic designers

freelance professionals

Creating templates, custom social post images, videos, audiograms, and more.

content writers

freelance professionals

Crafting blogs, captions, and other custom content writing.

a content repurposing service team using a b2b content repurposing service

project managers

freelance professionals

Efficiently moving your content and all its details between production stages.

Brand values—we serve as we'd like to be served.


Because doing the right thing is always paramount.


We focus on doing what we say we will do, when it's supposed to be done.


You deserve service that exceeds your expectations.


Professional results from approachable people.


We collaborate with our clients with a proactive, can-do attitude.


Mediocre is not an option.

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Learn how Navigation can be the next layer of help for your content marketers. Whether you have one virtual assistant or a marketing team, our team can take over some of the heavy content creation lift. 

Your team can get back to higher-level strategy to move your business forward.

Liz was an absolute dream to work with. She's kind, detail-oriented, and will go above and beyond for any client. She's solution-oriented, and at every step where there was an obstacle, she found a breakthrough ... thank you, Liz!

Angelica Fitzpatrick

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