Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

Hello, we're Liz and Dave!


Content Manager and Repurposing Strategist

I created Navigation as a general virtual assistance company at the start of the 2020 pandemic. We needed to find a way for me to have a career from home and homeschool our three kids.

I have an office administration and virtual assistant background, an education degree, and a seven-year work history in manufacturing production control... quite a random mix. BUT, it's the perfect storm that led to what I can now offer!

Stepping into an online career was never something that I planned, but looking back, I would not change a thing.


Business Manager and Content Writer

I'm a dad with a teaching degree in music education.
Although I never did enter the teaching field, music is still a big part of my life and the lives of our children. 

I worked in a couple of different roles in manufacturing, including shipping supervisor and senior quality inspector. 

In 2021, I took a content writing course just for giggles and realized I actually had a knack for writing and it was fun!

As Navigation started taking off, I saw the need to leave the brick and mortar workforce behind and help strengthen NVS as a family business.

A bit about us outside the office...

Our daughter, Miranda, and our twins, Ben and Toby, are our world. We all live with our cat (office manager), Agathon, and our rescue dog, Ginger.

We are lovers of the outdoors (except for Miranda, who’d prefer shopping). New Hampshire has been our home all our lives, but we love traveling anywhere and everywhere. 

Starting our own online business has been a dream for us for many years. Location independence will hopefully get us to our next adventure: RV living!

Want to nerd out about your marketing with us?

Liz was an absolute dream to work with. She's kind, detail-oriented, and will go above and beyond for any client. She's solution-oriented, and at every step where there was an obstacle, she found a breakthrough ... thank you, Liz!

Angelica Fitzpatrick


Are you more like Liz or Dave?

Just like Dave!

Dave again!

Trick question... that'd be us both. 🙂

That would be Liz, who also speaks French.

Just like Dave, who graduated college with a BS in Music Education—trumpet being his primary instrument.

Liz is madly in love with Earth Day, in April, as it is a great marker of the start of warm weather in New Hampshire.

Just like Liz, who rode horses all through her childhood.

That would be Dave! His favorites are California rolls and spicy tuna rolls.

Sorry, one more trick question, that's us both. We plan on selling our house in about a year so we can travel in an RV full-time with our three kids—through every state in the US!

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