Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

Hello, hello... I'm Liz!

I come along high-level business professionals to use content repurposing
as the key to minimizing work and maximizing yield.

Content Repurposing Strategist & Founder of Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

My background and "why" in 45 seconds or less:

  • I’m a mom of three with a teaching degree.
  • I worked as a production control scheduler in manufacturing.
  • As a virtual assistant, I saw little structure or strategy in the content creation process.

All this led me to a two-part conclusion...

Non-strategized posting creates redundant work.

Read that again!

Planning ahead is more time/ cost-effective than paying outsourced help to create from scratch every... single... post.

Read that one again too! 🙂

So... what?

I dug into the concept of content repurposing and set out to create...

a process business owners use to craft the most efficient content calendar possible.

THAT is what I have to offer the world.

–> A repeatable, plug & play content creation map for saving time, money, and hassle. 

–> A plan for researchingcrafting, and posting each video, podcast, blog, or post with the least amount of effort.

Let me show you how much I can help YOU.

Liz was an absolute dream to work with. She's kind, detail-oriented, and will go above and beyond for any client. She's solution-oriented, and at every step where there was an obstacle, she found a breakthrough ... thank you, Liz!

Angelica Fitzpatrick

A bit about me outside the office...

I created Navigation as a general virtual assistance company at the start of the 2020 pandemic. My husband, Dave, and I needed to find a way for me to have a career from home and homeschool our kids Miranda, Ben, and Toby— perfect fit!

I have an office administration and virtual assistant background, an education degree, and a seven-year work history in manufacturing production control… quite a random mix. BUT, it’s the perfect storm that led to what I can now offer!

Stepping into an online career was never something that I planned, but looking back, I would not change a thing. I love my work in the online world. Agathon, my cat and office manager, loves it too.

What do we have in common?

On the 16 Personalities scale, I'm an INFJ, which is the introverted counselor who loves analyzing and imagining possibilities. I'm also a Type 1 Enneagram, which is the organized, conscientious perfectionist. 

Inside, my family has a Ragdoll/Siamese cat named Agathon and a Mini-boxer dog named Ginger. Outside, I have a coop with some chickens that lay delicious eggs!

I really couldn't tell you if I like coffee or wine more. I studied abroad in France for a semester and was spoiled rotten with dirt cheap wine that was better than the most expensive ones I've tried in the states!

I love to try everything! I've never been one for hobbies because I get bored doing the same thing again and again. I love spending time with my family, traveling, and enjoying the great outdoors. Hanging out for date nights with my hubby usually entails frozen appetizers on our couch watching Star Trek or cheesy '80s movies. 

Becoming a full-time RV family, and traveling to every one of the lower 48 states with our kiddos!

~ I got in trouble with the police in France when I accidentally threw away my subway receipt, but was able to explain my way out of a big fine— in French!

~ I love Nalbinding, an ancient Viking predecessor of knitting. 

~ I've been having great luck with vertical gardening using a raised bed that I made out of rocks I dug from our woods. (New Hampshire has massive amounts of rocks and stonewalls everywhere.)

~ I'm a huge fan of being a semi-minimalist and practicing a debt-free lifestyle.

So, how about a commitment-free discovery call?

P.S. — Have we connected on Facebook yet?

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Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

Navigation Virtual Solutions, LLC

Coming alongside high-level business professionals to use content repurposing as the key to minimize work and maximize yield.

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