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Quarterly Content Planning VIP Day

Wouldn't it be a dream...

to have your entire quarterly content calendar created... in one day?

What relief would you feel seeing each week's topics, SEO, tags, CTAs, hashtags, etc. in one logical spreadsheet; ready to be actioned or transferred to your project management system?

Imagine if that plan could boost productivity by repurposing your existing content in every logical, practical instance?

What if your team had all of the tools they needed for the creation process organized in one place, so they would feel empowered and deeply understand the workflow designed for maximum independence?

THAT will be the organized, optimized quarterly content plan we will create on...

Your Quarterly Conent Planning VIP Day!

Sounds pretty awesome so far, right?

Let's see if it's a perfect fit!

Is this you?

Does any of that ring a bell?

Mmm-hmm, I hear ya.
Here are some details about how I can help...



Two Pre-event

Using a discovery call, a digital questionnaire, and a one-hour Kickoff Call, all questions are answered, strategies are nailed down, and details are shared with me before your VIP Day begins.


I meet with you and/or your team for two hours on our Content Planning Call. After that, I work solo. Your plan and all of your files are delivered to you via email by the end of the day!

Recording of Your Two-hour Call

After your VIP Day, you will receive a video recording of your Content Planning Call. Use this recording of our session for future reference when making subsequent content plans!

Personalized Video Tour of Your Plan

After your plan is completed, you'll get a 10-20 minute video made by me giving you and/or your team a tour of your spreadsheet! I am here to support you and your team.

One Week of Slack Access to Me

You have unlimited access to me via Slack to request changes to existing work (no additional work), or ask any questions that come up.

Your Follow-up

About one week after your VIP Day, we'll have a 30-minute Follow-Up Call. I'll provide support, answer questions, and would love to hear any and all feedback! We'll then close your project or book your next Quarterly Content Planning VIP Day (at a 10% discount) if you so choose.


I really enjoyed the entire experience of the Quarterly Content Planning. Liz knows exactly what she is talking about, she is creative, very professional, and extremely thoughtful. I feel like Liz truly cares about her clients, their mission, and their vision. The process and communication were very clear.

The VIP day itself was fantastic, as Liz showed great professionalism, tons of new ideas for our content, asked the right questions which led to a very successful brainstorm session that we are so grateful for. For the first time, we have clarity and feel less stress about our content since everything she does is so clear!

I cannot believe how much she did and we are super happy about the results. I would recommend her and her VIP day service to anyone that needs long-term content planning, that is beautifully and uniquely crafted to your brand needs. Thank you so much, Liz!

Victoria Britton

So, I have to ask... are you are excited at the thought of:


I would absolutely love to talk with you.

Honestly, content marketing can make you feel like a creation factory who does nothing but constantly churn out material. 

Here’s the thing. 

I don’t look at the thought of a content creation factory as a bad thing— WHEN you focus on the right things… let me explain. 

I mix my seven years’ background in manufacturing (factory) production control with my teaching degree. I combine the efficiency of production processes with the creativity of classroom planning to create your plan.

What happens?

Combining aspects of manufacturing and education allows me to craft your quarterly content plan in a way that focuses on:

  • aligning all of your content creation workflows— through all sets of hands— in the most efficient ways possible
  • setting up a plan to minimize excess back-and-forth communication
  • empowering your team to know where and how to find answers
  • training your team about your content plan so  they can always figure out what to do next— in the most independent way possible
  • building your content plan to encompass all your content marketing strategies and guides
Add in the fact that I’m an INFJ (the counselor), a Type 1 Enneagram (the perfectionist), and a complete nerd… and we’re ready to rock your plan!

The quarterly content plan Navigation Virtual Solutions developed for Logo Further LLC and I gave me an invaluable gift as a business owner: clarity. An all-in-one roadmap of my future content, the plan and insight presented by Liz took any and all guesswork and extra brainpower out of the equation. Navigation's content plans are the definition of empowered efficiency for any business owner needing to align a marketing team or their own outreach material.

Ted Chartrand

Logo Further LLC

To recap... here's what's included in your VIP Day:

Your Investment:


  • Completed Content Plan

    One Google Sheets file containing your quarterly content plan will be sent to your email at the end of your VIP Day.

  • Every Detail Planned For the Quarter

    Topics, SEO, hashtags, YouTube keywords, tags, and tasks will all be included in the spreadsheet; ready for action or integration into your project management tools.

  • A Recording of Your Call

    The two-hour Content Planning Call on your VIP Day is yours for future reference and your content planning needs.

  • Five Zoom Calls

    A discovery call plus two planning calls take place before the VIP Day, one two-hour call during your VIP Day, and your Follow-up Call one week later.

  • Slack Access to Me

    From the time that you book your VIP Day through one week after, you have unlimited Slack access to me on a private channel.

  • Personalized Video Tour of Your Plan

    After your plan is done, I record a video to walk you and/or your team through every page of your completed plan.

I had the great fortune to work with Liz at Navigation Virtual Solutions... I would work with Liz again in a heartbeat.

Colleen Kochannek

Scrappy Frontier Media

So, you have a few last questions for me?
No worries...

  • Do you create the content for the quarter?
    • No, this content plan includes all topics, descriptions, CTAs, SEO, hashtags, and tags all laid out as directions for your content team to action. Captions and images/audio/video for posts are where you or your team takes over.
  • Will you teach my team how to build this plan?
    • This VIP Day can work in two different ways. You can have me work with just you or your project manager to create the plan 1:1. With this option, you can choose to book recurring quarterly VIP Days at a 10%  discount— you get a quarterly content plan, created by me every quarter— on auto-pilot.
    • Alternatively, we can involve your team. During one VIP Day, they will learn how to create and execute your custom plans on their own for future quarters. Check out my Teach the Team VIP Day option for this service.
  • Is my Discovery Call free?
    • Yes! It’s 30 minutes of obligation-free, payment-free Q&A time.
  • What if I do not have an SEO plan, or a hashtag strategy?
    • The content plan relies on your strategies and plans as marching orders. If you do not have a certain plan for a type of content that you produce, I can point you to outside resources, or add a strategy service to this plan. After that, I’m happy to build you a quarterly content plan!
  •  What if I need to reschedule my VIP Day?
    • You may reschedule your VIP Day but will be charged a $150 rescheduling fee. 
  • What if I need to cancel my VIP Day?
    • If you need to cancel your VIP Day, you will be refunded all funds, less a $250 Day-holding fee.
  • What if I am not satisfied with my plan after the VIP Day?
    • VIP Days are non-refundable after they have taken place, however, I will make all efforts to ensure that your plan exceeds your expectations. You have access to me for one week after the VIP Day via Slack, and I’m happy to work with you to clarify or make changes to the existing plan.
  • When is the payment due?
    • An invoice and signed contract are due before work begins.
  • How can I ask other questions about the VIP Day?
    • You can submit a question at the bottom of this page, email me at, or DM me on Instagram: @navigationvs

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